Digital Art

enchanted human | Coffee Bruise Thursday | Michael Dickel

epistemological metaphysics
rhetorical hallucinations

Michael Dickel

wind itself tries
to kick your brain in
with strident steps
to pull it out by roots

that you have stood up
to the scream

your ears humming
the buzzing bees
your mind drifts on

as you steer
narrow streets
skyscraper valleys

leaking mists of your
crocodile tears

Hallucinations i
digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel

apparently alone
one listens to the furious
sirens screech exhausted
and ready

                               to turn in all
directions ready to follow
the enchanted human
howl of need

desires follow close behind
eager to pounce and divide
the leavings among shredded parts

of you could anyone
ever have captured this
nightmare or imagined
before waking

each grain of oak
strains to escape
its cellulose walls
and burst its

Hallucinations ii
digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel

realizing falling star
blaze glittering
wish-comet returned

elemental state
sears sky
tears seams

celestial imagination

each grain of oak
maintains its claim
on the acorn

despite blazing fires

each grain of oak
wishes for its right
the acorn birth

Hallucinations iii
digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel

but in sirens' howl
who can deny flames
oak's urge
to pull itself apart
to seek its double-helix

beginnings and beyond

who could cuddle
the wind in hands

dive for rocks
beneath a road

urge failing to act

strive to unleash
the archaic

do not hear voices—

it is always my voice
this mythic urge

despair and flight

towards the dream
of that which is not
yet ever—

urging you toward


there is so much
to see there
amid torn limbs

who decided
these rocks
mean ruin

adrift in fouled
primordial minds

the wreckage
may resolve
our survival

a solution of chemicals—
hormones we call self—

who carved
the stone cliff
you plummet up

who worships

this oak relic
dug from Pharaoh's

Hallucinations iv
digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel

your bones have faded

now so white
now clear wisps

cloud steam ghosts
adrift from you

you revealed

each oak
tree wind-scarred

along with desire
cloudy white bones
slip away lost

thoughts of law
decayed and tattered winds

it is time for you
or for me

to release—

my skin
burnt in this wind
hardened into bark

dash your head
on walls of rage
for there lie—


form you imposed
upon yourself

but these voices

me singing
in the empty shower

my voice

Hallucinations v
digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel

my embalmed hands

in death throes
writing hieroglyphs

to geometric structures
structure to molecules
molecule to atoms
atom to particles
particle to energies

all energy light

my form stains

a shadow played out

barely slowing
for this

how I remember
nothing ever was

imagine me
oblivion insisting on
worn paths—

perhaps to prefer
the power-over
of desire over

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