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Dickel, M. (2013). Drash Meets Mosh: Bring in the Sheaves: Counting the Omer toward inner growth. (Column). Drash Pit. April. Online. Original url: Archived: Dickel, M. (2013). Drash Meets Mosh: Purim: A Fibonacci Sequence? (Column). Drash Pit. February. Online. Original url: Archived: Dickel, M. (2013). Drash Meets Mosh: She’s Got the Beat. (Column). Drash Pit. January. Online. Original url: Archived: Dickel, M. (2012). Drash Meets Mosh: A Living Narrative. (Column). Drash Pit. December. Online. Original url: Archived: Dickel, M. (2012). Up Close: Leila A. Fortier in Her Own Words. (Interview). January 20.
Roadside-stop bottle sculpture, photo ©2013 Michael Dickel

Poets & Writers, an invaluable resource

Creative Writers Opportunities List, where Allison Joseph keeps us all posted on calls for submissions, contests, job opportunities, and more.

Daisy Chain o’Poets is a new (July 2019) effort to share  poets’ websites. There are descriptions and links for you to browse, posted about once a week by one of the poets in the daisy chain.

The BeZine, Be inspired…Be creative…Be peace…Be (I am a Contributing Editor and part of the core writing team.)

Diaphanous. e-journal of the literary and visual arts. (I was Design, Layout, and Technology editor.)

The Woven Tale Press, Cybersphere’s Premiere Literary and Fine Arts Magazine (until recently I was Associate Editor, and before that, a Contributing Editor.)

Synchronized Chaos, an eclectic & thoughtful journal that has published my poetry & art

Folderol from Spooky Librarians; related: The Steampunk Librarian

Kellytown is an interesting site with information and online resources related to reading and literature. Started by a group of friends in an informal book club, it provides service to our community of readers and writers.

Sit Down and Write: Poetry Resources by Ben L., this listing came from Amelia, a promising young poetry student of Carol Briggs at Kellytown, who sent the link on to me at Amelia’s request. It provides a nice, encouraging lesson on writing poetry, especially suited for younger writers. The page is part of the “Learn” section on a theatre-seating commerce site, SeatUP — an online store that provides useful learning and information pages for their customers, not just sales info, such as: parents guide to age-appropriate media, party planning for ADD / ADHD children, representations of LGBTQ+ in media, K-12 teaching resources for music education, a guide to music for children, information about genres of movies, theatre, history of theatre and movies, as well, of course, information about setting up home theatres, ergonomics, and other areas related to their products).

Adeena Karasick, poet, performer, Kabbala scholar, par excellence

Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors

Leonard Cohen, z”l, my favorite singer-songwriter / poet

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Michael Dickel’s Publications since 2007
Red anemone (Kolonit) photo @2012 Michael Dickel
Anemone in Maccabean Forest ©2013 Michael Dickel

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