Oral Proficiency—Dr. Michael Dekel

Seminar HaKibbutzim
First Year, Semester Aleph
English Oral Proficiency

Lecturer: Dr. Michael Dekel (email me)
Course #: 14106241011 02
Room: ד’ 10
Day and Time: Mondays 12:15–13:45, Semester Aleph

אופי הקורס

שעור ותרגיל

חובת נוכחות

Attendance is required.

אין חובת מבחן

No final exam.

Course Description


This course will focus on practicing spoken English. Students will have the opportunity to use and improve their oral English proficiency. More specifically, the course will provide a comfortable environment to develop English-speaking ability for purposes relevant to the study and teaching of English. A variety of discussion topics will be explored in order to offer a friendly platform for students. Students will learn to correct their mistakes, learn new expressions and idioms, and gain confidence to speak in front of an audience. The course aims to enable students to improve their spoken-language skills and feel more confident speaking English in many situations. Discussions will be accompanied by guidance on grammar, pronunciation and intonation.

Course Objectives

מטרות הקורס

Students will:

  • use and improve their spoken English in a safe and friendly environment
  • acquire new expressions, idioms, and vocabulary
  • improve their use of grammar
  • explore interesting topics and engage in dialogues, group activities and oral presentations
  • practice speaking on a variety of subjects
  • gain confidence in spoken English
  • practice spontaneous conversations
  • present information and opinions in an organized manner
  • practice English for different contexts, audiences and purposes
  • evaluate their own oral proficiency and assume responsibility for its development

Course Topics


  • A variety of discussion topics, for example: popular culture, current affairs, teaching and learning, media, social networking, and conversational subjects
  • English in different contexts
  • English in different modes, such as: describing, agreeing & disagreeing, persuading, giving instructions, explaining, comparing & contrasting, as well as for exchanging information, feelings and opinions
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Formal presentations
  • Expressions and idioms
  • Global English
  • Pronunciation, enunciation and fluency
  • Verb forms and tense
  • Grammar

Methods of Instruction

דרכי הוראה

  • Pair and group activities
  • Peer teaching and coaching, including observation and critique
  • Reading articles, handouts and web pages
  • Songs, poetry and tongue twisters
  • Writing and presenting short dialogues and interviews
  • Student presentations of varied length and degree of formality
  • Instruction, class discussion and course materials will be in English


קהל יעד

For first year students in the English Education Program

Course Requirements

חובות התלמיד

  • Attend all meetings
  • Do all tasks
  • Active participation at all times
  • Homework assignments
  • All work turned in on time
  • Group and pair activities and presentations
  • Weekly reflections
  • Final presentation


הערכת התלמיד

Active participation—30%
Pair and group assignments and activities—30% 
Homework, presentations, and reflections—40%

References / Readings


Materials will be provided as needed during the course

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