Blue Notes Digital Art / Photo Collage ©2011 Michael Dickel The American-Israeli poet Michael Dickel created this digital art from his own photographs. The image itself accompanies his poem of the same title, "Blue Notes." "Blue Notes Poem" uses this image as background, with the words and title of the poem arranged on the images as part of the digital art.

Blue Notes
Digital Art / Photo Collage
©2011 Michael Dickel

Well, I’m excited! It was about time I did this!

I have launched a Patreon Page. It is up and ready, so…

Check it out!

My regular followers know that I write. I make digital art. Often, I combine my words and art. I have this blog that you are reading now, where I post my work. Several of you regularly read my posts, like them, add comments. Thank you!

I also publish my work in journals (online and print—over 150 published works), I have three books of poetry (one eBook, two print) and a fourth (print) book coming, this last hybrid—poetry and flash fiction. Many of you have also followed links I post to the online publications, some have even bought my books. Thank you!

Please become a Patreon supporter now!

I’m asking now for your financial support, so I can keep doing this. I want to:

  • Re-design this blog and move it to its own server (rented space)
  • Write, make art, write, make art… you get the idea.

Creating is my life. Maybe I should get out more, but really, it’s what I love to do. Or as Otto Korekt sometimes has it, what I live to do!

So, please visit my Patreon Page and add your financial support today!

There are Rewards!

  • Signed copies of War Surrounds Us for one level of support
  • Advanced, signed copies of my next book, The Palm Reading after The Toad’s Garden, for another level of support
  • Both for an even higher level of support

I have Goals!

  • Include supporters in some of my creative work
  • New, Premium Theme for my blog design
  • Move the blog from free WordPress to its own server

You can Participate!

  • Any amount you wish (this is for ongoing support, so keep it affordable—you are asked to pay the pledge for each new work)
  • Opt in or out if your finances change
  • I will be giving Patreon Patrons opportunities other don’t have

Come join the fun!!!


(P.S. Did you notice the Patreon button under Support | Fragments, in the right column? You can just click on that, too!)

(P.P.S. What I am not doing: I am not charging for my work, other than a few premiums for Patreon Patrons as a thank you. My blog will continue, and it will continue to be free. In fact, I should be posting even more if I get enough support!  If I reach the level of support that I think could pay for moving my blog from the free WordPress, the ads that sometime appear on the bottom would go—and the Amazon ads in the side column, too. If you can’t afford to or don’t want to pay to support my work, you would still be welcome here at all times, and my work would still wait for you to read it. I hope that you will support me, but I do not want to coerce anybody. Of course, I will still be trying to sell my books.)


Tel Aviv Night–2 Photograph @2007 Michael Dickel