Submission Guidelines

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Cosmos Wrestling
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A Word

Please respect the fact that I am not paid to do this and that this blog (as yet) makes no money (if you are interested in supporting Meta/ Phor(e) / Play click here). By this, I mean, be sure to follow these guidelines as they make it easier  for me to do this project. Politeness is always appreciated in corresponding with me, as well.

After reading the general guidelines and the guidelines for the genre that you would like to submit, please fill out the form below. Do not send files until I respond to you and request them.

General Guidelines

Keep in mind that the format is online and thus short-form. I prefer first-time publication, but will consider re-publications as well. Copyright remains with the author or artist, although I copyright the specific presentation online. If your work has appeared elsewhere, please mention this when submitting.

Poetry, Flash Fiction, Flash Creative Non-Fiction, Hybrid, Experimental

I like a wide range of writing, but mostly I like writing that excites me, provokes me, leads me to unexpected places. I am not usually interested in traditional forms unless they are really “made new.” I don’t want greeting-card or self-help / inspirational-placard poems. If that’s what you have, sell those to the greeting card and poster companies, and may you make your fortune doing so.

Critical Essays, Interviews, Reviews

I am interested in essays and reviews about contemporary poetry, flash fiction, hybrid, experimental writing, poetics, rhetoric, and contemporary writers. I am interested in criticism that opens up a text to readers or introduces the work and poetics (broadly defined) of a writer.  Interviews should also be focused on introducing readers to the writer and providing insights into the writer’s work.

No essay, review, or interview should be purely promotional or marketing—so no fluff, no hyperbole, no selling. I am definitely not interested in discussions about the Poe-Business, Writing Business, the damage done by MFA workshops, How to market, PR, whether or not poetry is dead, or such grinding of axes, and absolutely no product or affiliate promotion.


For now, I can accept jpg images of artwork, short video (MP3) or audio. I am interested in a wide range of artistic styles and media, including digitally-created media. Send link(s) in a query where I could see examples of your work. I would consider YouTube links to video that would fit the site—please browse the site to see what is here, and in your query describe how the video would fit.

I am not interested in pop music, beats, or self-promotion videos. As with writing, no fluff, no hyperbole, no selling, and absolutely no product or affiliate promotion.

Genres of writing or art not mentioned specifically above (Other)

Please read all of the above guidelines and write a query letter that follows them relevant to what you would like to send. Explain how it fits in Meta/ Phor(e) /Play.