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Pages of Interest

Dickel, M. (2013). Drash Meets Mosh: Bring in the Sheaves: Counting the Omer toward inner growth. (Column). Drash Pit. April. Online. Original url: Archived: Dickel, M. (2013). Drash Meets Mosh: Purim: A Fibonacci Sequence? (Column). Drash Pit. February. Online. Original url: Archived: Dickel, M. (2013). Drash Meets Mosh: She’s Got the Beat. (Column). Drash Pit. January. Online. Original url: Archived: Dickel, M. (2012). Drash Meets Mosh:  A Living Narrative. (Column). Drash Pit. December. Online. Original url: Archived: Dickel, M. (2012). Up Close: Leila A. Fortier in Her Own Words. (Interview). January 20.
Roadside-stop bottle sculpture, photo ©2013 Michael Dickel

Poets & Writers, an invaluable resource

antinarrative journal, a new journal (2017) publishing weekly looks very promising, with Howie Good, Lyn Lifshin, and Kathleen Rooney as the first three poets published.

The BeZine, Be inspired…Be creative…Be peace…Be (I am a Contributing Editor and part of the core writing team)

The Woven Tale Press, Cybersphere’s Premiere Literary and Fine Arts Magazine (until recently I was Associate Editor, and before that, a Contributing Editor.)

Synchronized Chaos, an eclectic & thoughtful journal that has published my poetry & art

Folderol from Spooky Librarians; related: The Steampunk Librarian

Adeena Karasick, poet, performer, Kabbala scholar par excellence

Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors

Leonard Cohen, my favorite singer-songwriter / poet

More About Michael Dickel

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Jerusalem Writers in English A community page I administer with others

LinkedIn Check out my connections, CV, endorsements, and references Downloadable CV, links to and downloads of many of my publications

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Some of Michael Dickel’s Publications

Here are links to some of my publications. Another place to see some my older publications is here. I will update this periodically, as time permits and number of publications warrant.

Red anemone (Kolonit) photo @2012 Michael Dickel
Anemone in Maccabean Forest ©2013 Michael Dickel
Poetry Translation
  • Dock-ument. (Seven Yazidi Poems.) As English poetry editor—Idan Barir, translator from the Arabic. Journal of Levantine Studies. 5:1, 2015. pp. 137–154.
  • With Donatella D’Angelo. Three Poems (Italian and English). The BeZine. 1:12 (Oct. 15, 2015). 
  • Moshe’s House in Space. The BeZine. 2:10 (July 2016). Also in: The Woven Tale Press. 2:11 (2014). pp. 33–34. Online.  Originally published on this blog.
  • Untitled (Four Brothers). Dean Pasch, editor / curator. Part 2—Childhood & Youth. 53 Fragments in 5 Parts.2014. 
  • Soon the Trumpets. Bluzog. March 25, 2014. Online.
  • Dickel, M. (2013). Personal / Politics. Meat for Tea: The Valley Review. Print. Originally published on this blog (2013, July 3).
  • Nematode Garden Crisis. The Woven Tale Press. 1:8 (2013). pp. 3-5. Originally on this blog (2013, October 3).
  • Poor Reception. The Indian River Review: A Journal of Prose, Poetry, and Photography. Issue 2, 2013. pp. 64-66. Print.
  • Today—flash (?). The Woven Tale Press. 1:4, 2013. Originally published on this blog (2013, May 3).
  • (as Michael Deqel). Across the Creek. Neon Beam. June 2007.
  • Consuming personal architecture. The Ivory Tower, The Minnesota Daily. June 5-10, 1989.
  • Duet Among Friends. O. Henry Festival Stories,. Evalyn P. Gill, ed., Greensboro, N.C.:Trans Verse Press. 1987. pp. 82-87. Print.
  • Fish Dreams. The Book of Contemporary Myth. Pittsfield, MA: The Caitlin Press. 1987. Print.
  • The Last Cream-filled Chocolate Roll. KFAI Story Hour. 1986, 1987. (Radio broadcast, selected and read by show host.)
Essays, Articles, Interviews (of others)

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