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Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.

Gertrude Stein, Bee Time Vine (Yale University Press, 1953)

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Valérie Déus
Skull-Filled Sun

Michael Dickel
The Palm Reading after the Toad’s Garden
War Surrounds Us

gary lundy
heartbreak elopes into a kind of forgiving
when voices detach themselves

Juliana Lux
Your cock is a simple machine

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when voices detach themselves
by gary lundy

when voices detach themselves

ISBN 978-0-9896245-0-3 Poetry that is constructed of bits and pieces of relationship, vulnerability, love, narrative, images, bodies and longing while seeking to find understanding, or at least calm, amid the discordant endings and beginnings life provides. Full of striking and provocative writing at the internal and external edges of awareness. Price includes $1.50 shipping and handling per book.


War Surrounds Us
by Michael Dickel

War Surrounds Us

ISBN 978-0-9896245-2-7 Michael Dickel’s third book of poetry collects poems he wrote during the Israel-Hamas conflict of summer, 2014. The poems evoke a resistance to the violence all around, and make acute observations of its effects on family and daily life—from the provocations before, through the disruptions of rockets falling on Jerusalem and devastating loss of human life during attacks on Gaza, and past the line of failed cease fires to an uneasy truce. The closely observed incongruence of daily life while war rages comes through as the poet witnesses his young son’s responses and considers the question of the future we want versus the one that is coming. Price includes $1.50 shipping and handling per book.


Your cock is a simple machine
by Juliana Lux

Your cock is a simple machine

ISBN 978-0989624510 Poetry that concerns the conflicts and (non)resolutions bound in the relationship between a man and woman. Raw and insightful, the poetry-hybrid-prose traverses terrain that usually remains well beneath the surfaces. Price includes $1.50 shipping and handling per book.


heartbreak elopes into a kind of forgiving
by gary lundy

heartbreak elopes into a kind of forgiving poetry

ISBN 978-0989624558 In his second is a rose press poetry collection, gary lundy continues honest deliberations on relationship, vulnerability, love, sexuality, and gender—transforming every day images into doorways to conscious and unconscious constructions of body, self, and world. His poems still seek out understanding, even while revealing the slipperiness of “truth.” Price includes $1.50 shipping and handling per book.


Skull-Filled Sun
by Valérie Déus

Skull-Filled Sun

ISBN 978-0-9896245-3-4 In her début short collection of poems, Skull-Filled Sun, Haitian-American poet Valérie Déus evinces a strong voice full of “…jazz riffed, watercolor vignettes that create a gorgeous melange of Kreyol garnished musings…The voice is at once experiencer and witness, revealing multiple perspectives on the roads that all children of the African diaspora must travel” (Keisha-Gaye Anderson). Price includes $1.50 shipping and handling per book.


Flash Fiction / Hybrid

The Palm Reading
The Toad’s Garden

by Michael Dickel

The Palm Reading after The Toad’s Garden

ISBN 978-0989624541 Michael Dickel’s highly engaging fourth book of flash fiction gathers in one place his experimental-hybrid writing–from a series of surreal memoryscapes to flash thrillers to psychological experiments. This hybrid writing blurs genre lines across poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and cultural criticism in an entertaining montage of imagery. The woman with a beard–the unnamed main character of the first series of stories–travels as much in her mind as in the world around her, but somehow all merges with her memories to reveal emotional realities of being human. The palm reader in the second series of stories predicts the uncertainty of multiple futures which unfold in the following stories—less connected than the toad’s garden, the palm reading follows many lines of possibility through a collection of somewhat, but not much more conventional tales. With illustrations by Ayelet Cohen. Price includes $1.50 shipping and handling per book.