If you would like to support me by purchasing my books through indie bookstores (in the U.S.), you can find my books on IndieBound. That site will help you find a local independent bookstore near you or to order online from an independent bookstore that will ship to you.

You can also order my books at an Amazon bookstore I’ve organized, which I’ve called “Michael’s Bookshelf.” It also has some of the anthologies and books that I’ve edited or where my work appears. There are other books of interest, as well.

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Buying my books helps support me. 

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Breakfast at the End of Capitalism poetry chap by Michael Dickel cover image

Breakfast at the End of Capitalism
poetry chap
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The Palm Reading
The Toad’s Garden
flash fiction
click for IndieBound

War Surrounds Us
click for IndieBound









Then Strains to Follow — an online chapbook




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