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Jerusalem Update—14 July 2014

In Jerusalem and Tel Aviv it was relatively quiet today. Most of the rockets were aimed closer to Gaza, in the southern communities. I had a faculty meeting in Tel Aviv today so drove in. There were no sirens or rockets while I was there, or for most of […]

Up against the wall,

Up against the wall, …sits odd statuary, sullen sadness created by hand from nothing more or less than general failures that anyone might turn away from on some given day: A house taken by bankers who would not settle for anything less from two buyers, work taken by […]

Sidewalk ephemeral poem

Ephemeral poetry

A few fleeting thoughts on ephemerality, technologies, and poetry Sometimes poets obtain a sort of immortality. Anonymous has written so many poems over the centuries, for instance. Okay, that’s not the best of examples. However, you probably know what I mean. How long ago did Sappho live? Shakespeare? […]