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Michael Dickel

I am a poet, digital artist, editor of The BeZine (, co-publisher of Is a Rose Press (with gary lundy—, and educator. I am retired from the English Department at David Yellin Academic College of Education, Jerusalem, Israel. Finishing Line Press ( published my most recent poetry collection, Nothing Remembers (2019).

The Colors of the World Will Be Bright

—Michael Dickel I look at the time on my phone. “Time to get the girl,” I think. So sit up in bed, swing my legs over the side, and put on my shoes. I see my wife working on her computer as I walk into the living room. […]


Note: If you’re viewing with a phone, I recommend landscape (sideways) for a better effect. Turn this page We smell the fish of state rotting from the Prime Minister. He says he desires to throw fists against the protestors who march for democracy; he falsely accuses them of […]