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Michael Dickel

I am a poet, digital artist, editor of The BeZine (, co-publisher of Is a Rose Press (with gary lundy—, and educator. I am retired from the English Department at David Yellin Academic College of Education, Jerusalem, Israel. Finishing Line Press ( published my most recent poetry collection, Nothing Remembers (2019).

Digital artwork by Michael Dickel of Sea Gulls flying by Lake Superior.

A Good Fall for My Work

Last night, we lit the Channukiah (Menorah) for the third night of Channukah. In about ten days, the Winter Solstice will slip by. Shortly after that, Christmas comes. However, heavy snow and cold weather arrived in my former home of Minnesota, and rain and relatively cold weather settled […]

Digital art from photo, two men, Israel

Four poems on Sound Cloud

An Australian online radio station Phoenix FM DJ, James WF Roberts, read four of my poems 16 November 2012 (around 9:15 am Eastern US Time): Dissonance, Salvation, Peace requires…, and In Jerusalem. Interesting, emotional, Australian-accented reading that gives the poems a power I didn’t previously know they had. Listen […]