Digital art from photo, two men, IsraelAnti-war

Four poems on Sound Cloud

An Australian online radio station Phoenix FM DJ, James WF Roberts, read four of my poems 16 November 2012 (around 9:15 am Eastern US Time): Dissonance, Salvation, Peace requires…, and In Jerusalem. Interesting, emotional, Australian-accented reading that gives the poems a power I didn’t previously know they had.

Listen to the poems here.

Within an hour of this reading my lovely wife, Aviva, called to say that she heard air raid sirens and (distant) blasts in Jerusalem, where we live. I’m in the US tending to some business here, but have a sudden urge to go back and hold my wife and 2-year old son. If things get worse in Jerusalem, perhaps we will have to consider whether they should come here. It’s very scary and upsetting for me right now. Listen to these poems–they speak to and against violence and war.

Digital art from photo, two men, Israel

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