The River Muse, Winter Issue

The Winter issue of The River Muse (formerly The River Journal) is up as of today, 14 December 2012. This season, we explore peace. Read Ashwin Vasuki writes eloquently about Peace as the Main Feature. See what photographer Leanne Cole says about her work in an Up Close interview. Four poets share three poems each: Louise Lefebvre, Mamta Madhavan, Howie Good, and Nettie Farris. Liliana Negoi writes about peace in an opinion essay. William Gaylord and Gardenlillie also way in on the theme.

It’s a good issue, well worth reading. Click here to see it.

The River Muse

Click the image to see The River Muse.

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  1. Hi Michael! I wish I had access to some of your work in college, it would have helped spark some of my own creativity! It is nice to learn of other artists and poets as well. Thank you!


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