Digital Art

Search Engine Optimized Poetry #1

Free Love poem

SEO Series no. 1

This is my poet’s poem to optimize your search engine, my love poem to draw you into my web of intrigue, my friendship poem to invite you to read my MySpace my WordPress my Facebook poem. Quote my poet’s poem, my MySpace poem quote Facebook WordPress poem poem. My poem, my love poem, my friendship poem.

This is my best love poem to the world, my free love poem—a poet free to love the world. Romance this poem, this love romantic poem to the world of searchers, seekers, optimizers racing engines through the sleek MySpace poem quote, my poem to you, my love poem, my romance poem, my best love poem to the seeker of poets. This may be a funny poem, but it is not a Valentine poem. It is a love poem, poetry for you to read, poems to dance on the head of your pins and needles as you search, engine, optimize my site, poetry

for you to read, free love poetry, free love poems here for you to read to copy to send a friendship poem or a funny poem, not really a sad poem. This poem, this search-engine optimized poet poem is not a birthday poem, not a death poem, not an inspirational poem, not a child poem, not a sad love poem, not, in the end, a short love poem, but a poem, a love poem, a friendship poem, an invite-you-to-myspace to-see-my-Face(book) and press-my-word(press) poem, quote my poem, love my poet’s poem. Is this a romantic poem? I am the poet but I don’t know—I am this poet, this

I love you poem, this slipping kid of a poem falling from my grasp, not a kid’s poem. This poem could be a birthday poem, happy birthday to you, oh seeker of birthday poem, of birthday poet blowing candles out as fireworks in deep velvet romance poems. This is most definitely not a Maya Angelou poem, not a funeral poem, not a death poem as I’ve said, though many have died. Will this be a famous poem? It is not now a famous poem nor am I a famous poet, but a writer of poems, a writer of poets, a love poem

to poets who want to be found on the poetry search of poems, lives of poets, love poems dancing with death poems, laughing at sad poems as they sit with sister poems recalling best friend poems. So many short love poems, so many I love you poems, birthday poems celebrating at the punch bowl, romantic poems optimizing love poems, sex poems sneaking out back, away from the chaperones. This is a family poem, a mother poem, a brother poem, a sister poem. This is a love poem, a life poem, not yet a famous poem.

Let’s have a wedding poem! My birthday’s the same as Langston Hughes’ poem. I’m not Langston Hughes, he wrote many a famous poem. But I love a good Langston Hughes poem, a Maya Angelou poem, a Robert Frost poem, a famous poet poem. I laugh at Shel Sylverstein poems, funny poems, broken heart poems (in my sick not-very-famous poet poem way). Oh, give me a good code myspace poem quote! A Facebook poem! A WordPress poem! What code poems! What DNA poems! A baby poem! A baby shower poem! Before the baby poem, the baby shower poem. A teen love poem could lead to a baby poem,

even a baby shower poem. A teen poem could lead to a famous poet, a famous poem, a famous poet poem. Give me a black ghetto love poem, not a broken heart poem. Black ghetto love poems, romantic poems, sex poems, famous poets all famous poems party at the liberating grace of the poet, the poem, the celebration, the birthday poem in its birthday suit, naked in the sex poem, the love poem, the kid poem growing up from the baby poem, the love poem, the teen poem, the teen love poem that could not raise the

kid poem. This is my thank you poem to you seekers of famous poets and famous poems, you seeker of free poems, of love poems, of free love poems. This is my thank you poem to famous poets, to Langston Hughes poems, to Maya Angelou poems, to Robert Frost poems to Shel Silverstein, thank you g-d for Shel Silverstein poems. This is no missing-you poem, no anniversary poem, but it is a Winter poem, a winter poem full of Edgar Allen Poe Poems, cold, dark and shivery love poem quotes missing from the winter poem quote love poem

to mislead you to sympathy poem. This was a MySpace poem, not a Christian poem, not a Facebook poem, is a WordPress poem, not a mom poem, not a mother poem to be more formal, is it a family poem?, not a real love poem, not a famous poet poem, none of those, really, none of those poems, no poem. It could be our friendship poem, oh seeker of poet and poem, search engine optimized to lead to our love poem. Not my best love poem, not my best love. Poems of the romantic heart tend to be death poems. This most definitely is not a short poem. It is a sister poem to the wedding poem I always meant to write. The baby poem comes after k-i-s-s-i-n-g love poem, sitting in the tree poem.

I love the free poem. The free tree poem. The free love poem. The free black ghetto love poem. I love the sex poem, not a famous poem, but a love poem with a good sex poem could lead to a marriage poem, and there we are with the baby shower poem and the baby poem, and the next thing you know it’s the famous funeral poem. That’s a family poem. A love poem. A search-engine optimized not so very famous poet famous poem. Over 1.1 million times a month, it is Google-estimated, you seekers search for poems. Over one million times for love

poems. Love poems. You seeker of poems want love poems, romantic poems, Robert Frost poems, Maya Angelou Poems, Edgar Allen Poe poems, Langston Hughes poems, and yes, Shel Silverstein poems. You want short poems, funeral poems, death poems, and sad poems, to be sure. But you want poems. Poems. More poems. Poets you don’t want so much. Poems, you want. You seek the family poem. The mother poem. The mom poem, the sister poem, the free poem. (Couldn’t you once pay a not-so-famous poet for a not-yet-famous poem?)

Two-hundred thousand seekers want a friendship poem. As many want myspace poems (myspace poem quotes, code myspace poem quotes). Who wants free love poems? The same people who want sex poems? Who wants all of those love poems, over a million seeking love poems. For all you seekers of poets, of poems, of famous poets and famous poems, this is one poet’s love poem to you. Seek, optimize, search, rev your engines and love, love, freely love your poems and their poets. Poems. Love poems. Poems. So many poems.


An earlier version of this poem originally appeared on February 27, 2007, in my MySpace Blog, Jerusalem Imagined, Recalled, and Revisited. The digital art is a PhotoShop-rendered photo montage by the author, titled Indeterminacy, and appeared in why vandalism? February 2007 to accompany a long prose poem of the same title.

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