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Flash Fiction—Personal / Politics

Flash Fiction Pride MonthFlash Fiction Pride Month has arrived and this is my second piece, for the Second of July, 2013. This one is short, micro-fiction. That’s okay, I’ve already written a draft for tomorrow, and that one’s long. Well, long for flash. I’ll average the word counts across the month, I guess.

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Personal / Politics (July 2)

He feels the fool. A soft doll, dressed like a jester, the fool comforts him.

“Ooh,” she coos. “A man who plays with dolls.”

He gestures with the jester just to her face, not too threatening an approach, like a kiss.

“This is a serious political statement-maker, this court jester is,” he laughs.

“Politics are against the rules, dear lover.”

“Jesters get to break the rules. That’s what makes comedians the greatest commentators on society.”

Sometimes, she thinks, he goes overboard, but on the wrong side of the boat.

“No,” she whispers, “enough politics in bed.”

But he doesn’t hear her, or maybe he just doesn’t listen.

A soft doll, dressed like a jester, the fool comforts him.

“A soft doll, dressed like a jester, the fool comforts him.”
Digital art ©2013 Michael Dickel

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  1. i love it! a person forms one’s identity in the society. and these layers are like clothes of a clown sometimes. you can’t rip them off without giving up yourself. Probably if he listens to her that will be like that. that will be like trying to take off those clothes.


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