Is there really an “immigration crisis”?

This from National Public Radio shows that the long-term trend for over a decade shows decreasing migrants crossing the border.

The increase the administration has been citing as an excuse for its crimes against humanity is a statistical outlier from an anomalous large DIP in the numbers for the first part of 2017. Could the 2017 drop have been because of the gang-leader POTUS? Sociologists are still trying to identify the reason for the dip in number.

3 Charts That Show What’s Actually Happening Along The Southern Border

A government issued handout image of the US Border Patrol Central Processing Center in McAllen, Texas, on June 17, 2018.

Update 27 June, 2018: Have you heard the claim that 63,000 Americans were killed by illegal immigrants since 9/11? Well, guess what? That is based on one anti-immigrant activist’s apparent misinterpretation of a single GAO report, where she used over-simplified arithmetic. The report gave the number of all immigrants (authorized and un-authorized) in prison  for a four-year period who were accused of homicide—whenever the crime may have been committed, not for crimes committed only in those four years. She divided the number by four, as though the crimes had been committed only in those four years. Then she decided it was the statistic for illegal immigrants only and multiplied by the number of years since 2001. So it really is a number that means little, because she made assumptions that were contrary to the facts of the report she used…Her response? Why talk about the number? Even one is too many. Um, we talk about it because you gave it to Trump and he’s using it to excuse his policy of incarcerating migrants at the border (and separating them from their children). That’s why we will talk about whether it means anything. It doesn’t. Read more details from CNBC:

Trump says more than 63,000 Americans were killed by illegal immigrants since 9/11. But the math doesn’t add up.


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