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Detail of Raffaelo Monti's Veiled Lady at the Minneapolis Institute of Art included with Michael Dickel's poem Veiled Lady on Fragments of Michael Dickel

Veiled Lady (a poem)

I stood. I stared. The guard harumphed. But I wanted to touch the light of mystery.

Flash Fiction—Out for a Walk

The last post featured the Washington Avenue Bridge connecting the East and West Bank Campuses of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities across the Mississippi River, which makes an unrelated appearance here. Well, mostly unrelated. Flash Fiction Month continues, hot July experimental flash awaits your reading pleasure here. I’d […]

Sidewalk ephemeral poem

Ephemeral poetry

A few fleeting thoughts on ephemerality, technologies, and poetry Sometimes poets obtain a sort of immortality. Anonymous has written so many poems over the centuries, for instance. Okay, that’s not the best of examples. However, you probably know what I mean. How long ago did Sappho live? Shakespeare? […]