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28 July Poetics Series

This post will be a short break from the Flash Fiction Month posts I’ve been doing so far this month. Every so often, I post Twitter poems (which, of course, have to be short—fewer than 140 characters including any hashtags). Usually, when I do post them, I post five at a time, for no particular reason. Today, inspired or provoked by a few saccharine lines posted by others, I wrote five short “Twitter poetics” poems. Why not? They are posted here for your enjoyment, with some minor line-break adjustments (that don’t change the character count). I left the hashtags in, as you can see.

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28 July Poetics Series

Why rhyme all the time
without content meant to move
and disturb, storms tearing
leaves from trees?
#TwitPoem #MicroPoetry


City grime, grit of nature,
not daisies—struck by the sublime—
not motivational multinational greeting cards.
#TwitPoem #MicroPoetry


A stream of words
eroding complacent
rocks carries trash
left by lazy hikers
unwilling to clean
up their own mess.
#TwitPoem #MicroPoetry


I pick plastic cups
from water, watch fish;
a flying bird screeches
a warning, makes poetry.
#TwitPoem #MicroPoetry #poem #Poetry


Cherry blossoms, only
when spring opens
after winter purification.
Hyacinths’ perfume
requires frozen ground.
#TwitPoem #MicroPoetry #Poem


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