Digital art ©2014 Michael Dickel, feature image for My Brand Here post in Fragments of Michael DickelDigital Art

Hybrid Flash

My Brand Here

Brand Me 2 ©2016 Michael Dickel digital art from photos to accompany My Brand Here, a poem by Michael Dickel

Brand Me 2
©2016 Michael Dickel
digital art from photos

This comes from the whole MBA mentality. Maximize profit over any other value or goal. Make yourself your


Go ahead. Buy into it. “Brand” yourself. And remember, slaves and cattle are also branded. Brand-name recognition recklessly pursued in the name of prophets of the profit margin. Wear those symbols proudly.


yourself, for the marketeers will surely be profiteers. Privateering allows pirating your soul while piloting your stock in trade to traveling sales forces onward soldiering.


yourself to the devils of industry and commerce. Commerce with your social media connections and connect with your media’s social commerce, commerce with your lovers, socially mediated by your respective brands.

Brand Me 1 ©2016 Michael Dickel digital art from photographs to accompany My Brand Here, flash experimental writing by Michael Dickel

Brand Me 1
©2016 Michael Dickel
digital art from photographs


everything you once held to yourself, close and dear. Tattoo your tattered logos flying in the high winds of finance, dollars and change pouring down like rain. Then make breathing illegal.


each and every moment or thought in the framework the followers tell you trend toward highest numbers, broadest bandwidth, greatest sales potential.


how to maintain the largest audience of fleeting moment, knowing some will land and get caught in your web. Suck the flies dry. Let the dogs go free. Feed the cats the scraps of your soul. We all are already bound to their for-profit prisons, legs shackled, chains rattling. We are all

search-engine optimized.


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