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Sunday Brunch Tuesday | Operator by day | Michael Dickel

Operator by day

Michael Dickel

it’s a fly by night sort of affair—
by her night he flies—
days she stays by his storied side—
every body is happy to let bygones be
unless bygones want water under
the bridge at night where she meets him—
a flighty sort of affair—

the suitcase under the stairs remains—
shirts, underwear, clean and dirty—
her remembering belonging
while poised to leave—him
falling from the branch-
ing out into possibility
of flying affairs by

street corners barren
signs erase placards
on the table the bill
until congress recesses to
an empty playground found
dropped coins of the realm—
another sort of flighty affair

tumble out the hollering
coast ride rolling—literature
campaign brushing up brochures—
politics we make and kiss up
powder our noses
dabble in citing masks
that cannot be worn—

blue cake day
down the aisle walked
beast and not
skin deep beauty only
this secret sixth moment-
um pendul-
um swing-

set, match,
and game
sort of affair

Bride Flower
Kalanit (red anemone)
digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel

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