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She enjoyed scavenging | Meg Harris


Meg Harris

At about the height of the tree tops,
my flying coach chuckles at me when
I tell her I’d always believed I’d need
actual wings to fly. Solar plexus,
Solar plexus. She whispers.

She was too young
when a man took her innocence
when it was returned to her
it was broken.

Wind-blown curtain,
paint brush, budding forsythia,
whistling tea kettle.
What did I come in here for?

“Wind-blown curtain,
paint brush, budding forsythia…”
Digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel

Bird Sanctuary

Meg Harris

Sandpiper, Purple. passed
away near Coronado’s Navy
Seal training camp.
Survived by egg, feathers,
bread-ties, mesh scrubby.
Born in Portland;
Purple’s favorites were
blast caps, blue and red.
She enjoyed scavenging.
Remembered for her fear
of birds; her short yellow
legs and Junco-like coloration.
Service September 22nd,
viewing until high-tide.

Waterbird Purple digital landscape from photos ©2017 Michael Dickel

Water Bird Purple
digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel


Meg Harris

I am building a bridge to close
a gulf in the night
rickety boards held up by nothing
more than my steps upon them
when there is no light
I use my other senses
feel me reach for you over
the inky water let the breeze
of my fall from the planet move
your hair walk with me fearlessly
let our faces give the moon a place
to reflect when she is disappearing
as we know she is never gone.
Oh occupation! Lifetime endeavor!
Join me as I travel the un-certainty
of the happy yes of loss.

Dream Bridge digital landscape from photos ©2017 Michael Dickel

Dream Bridge
digital landscape from photos
©2017 Michael Dickel

Inquiry into Loneliness
Meg Harris
published by Crisis Chronicles Press

Meg Harris, is a writer, poet and teacher. Her work has appeared in Upstreet, Numero Cinq, Whiskey Island Magazine, River River, Pirene’s Fountain, and others. She lives in a magical place called Sol’s Path where she offers guided-writing workshops in the Patchwork Farms’ Writing Process. She serves on the Connecticut State Independent Council and is the Managing Editor at the recently launched Diaphanous Journal of Literary and Visual Art, which will release a second issue in November of 2017. Meg Harris is an avid armature photographer, miniaturist, and activist. She is most passionate about ending descriptor-discrimination because she believes everyone deserves their adjective. Round, white, feminist, witty, aging, empathic, Meg is well known in her family for both finding things lost and fixing things broken. She earned her MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Crisis Chronicles Press published Meg Harris‘ highly anticipated poetry chapbook, Inquiry into Loneliness, on 17 September 2017.


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  1. Meg’s poems spoke of pain with such ethereal beauty. And Michael, your digital photos are glorious. Dream Bridge especially touched something in me. The colors hit me, the composition and content. Thanks to you both for putting thoughtful beauty into my life.

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