Got a revolution (got to revolution)!

It’s time to return to the 1960s tactics
of the Civil Rights and Anti-War Movements.

It’s time to hit the streets!

Strike! Moratorium! Protest!

Get in the faces of the fascists!

Call for National Protests on 30 June 2018!

Let’s make it Global!

Click here to find a protest near you.
Click here to list a protest you are organizing.

Executive Order as Failed PR (An update on this topic)

Volunteers of the Ideal America

No more tearing children from refugee parents.
And fuck you FAUX News for suggesting they be adopted.

No more letting our children be gunned down in schools.
And fuck you NRA for lobbying against sensible gun licensing.

No more shooting innocent people by racist police.
And fuck you justice department for failing to enforce the civil rights of those murdered.

No more killing people all over the world.
And fuck you military-industrial-technology complex.

No more rape culture.
And fuck you anybody who blames victims for sexual violence and abuse.

No more profiteering from illness.
And fuck you big-healthcare industrial complex for lobbying against universal health care.

No more starving the poor to pay the rich.
And fuck you 1% who want more rather and don’t care about your fellow humans.

No more waiting politely for someone to do something.
And fuck you those who would block the way to a humane world.

And fuck you Koch brothers and your neo-NAZI cohort.

When rule of law returns to the US and humanistic values are finally realized

when the Constitution comes back to life and its flaws fixed (ERA added, Second Amendment reasonably and unambiguously clarified re: guns, for starters),

when America becomes the ideal of America for once—

crimes against humanity will be prosecuted.

In our history…

We tore African adults and children from their homes and families and enslaved them.

We took the children of slaves from their mothers.

We committed genocide and unspeakable acts upon the First Nations’ children, and tore the children of those who survived away only to send them t abusive boarding schools.

We treated immigrants horribly, and banned immigrants on racist grounds.

We interred Japanese families in concentration camps.

We lynched people for their race, their creed, their color, their sexuality, their gender, their nationality.

The list of our historical and present sins against humanity is long.
These sins against humanity have torn our own humanity to pieces.

We must face our past honestly, the past atrocities of our country.

We do need to forgive. But never forget!

We need to repair our humanity and love all.

Even FAUX News.
Even the NRA.
Even the police and the justice department.
Even the military-industrial-technology complex.
Even those who blame the victims.
Even big-healthcare industrial complex.
Even the 1%.
Even the Koch brothers and their neo-NAZI cohort.

Even ourselves.


saying sorry is not enough…
being sorry is not enough…

The only way to wash the blood from our historically stained-hands is to change.



We can forgive our history

and ourselves.

But apologies and forgiveness require a turning

from what needs forgiving and apologizing for.

We will forgive.
But we won’t forget.

And we won’t forgive until there is change.

We will not sit idly by complacently

accepting empty promises and sleight of hand tricks.

No smoke and mirrors will confuse us (not even an Executive Order).

Until real change.



Got a revolution (Got to revolution)

We are the Volunteers of the Ideal America.

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Look what’s happening out in the streets
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Hey I’m dancing down the streets
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Ain’t it amazing all the people I meet
Got a revolution Got to revolution
One generation got old
One generation got soul
This generation got no destination to hold
Pick up the cry
Hey now it’s time for you and me
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Come on now we’re marching to the sea
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Who will take it from you
We will and who are we
We are volunteers of America

—Jefferson Airplane

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