Nothing Remembers

Nothing Remembers came out in September 2019. You can order it directly from Finishing Line Press, from booksellers (online Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or from your local indie bookstore—check for location or for ordering from indie bookstores at IndieBound). —January 2020
(Sorry for late notice here, but I have been dealing with a health issue for the past year…)

My new poetry collection is coming
September 2019 from Finishing Line Press

Front Cover

I made my goal threshold of sales—which will see 300 books printed. Thank you everyone who placed orders!

Advanced (pre-orders) sales are still open. If you haven’t ordered a copy and want to, I would still be grateful if you followed a link on this page and ordered your copy. —July 2019

Books are expected to ship early September 2019.

Order Nothing Remembers!

Hear and read online
some of the poems from the book

Order here

Books are expected to ship early September 2019.

You can hear the title poem, Nothing Remembers, on YouTube (from a reading in 2013).

Other poems from the collection
appeared first on Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

some poems have been edited for the book,
links go to the originally published version

Here is a playlist—
my poetry on YouTube
(not just from the book)

Michael Dickel’s poetry on YouTube

Order Nothing Remembers!

Thanks to those who have been buying copies!

I hope others will join in and buy a copy now.

Books are expected to ship early September 2019.

What others have said
about Nothing Remembers

I found Nothing Remembers to be in effect a guided meditation on the vista and meaning of history and culture, personal and communal pathways, and the possible/probable relevance of memory, poetry, and connection: humans and their experiences as part of nature, as geologic memory, as archives of history. Recommended without reservation.

—Jamie Dedes on The Poet by Day
June 25, 2019

Michael Dickel’s title, Nothing Remembers, raises the question of whether the past can be preserved in memory, or whether memory is most effective in the face of loss. Either way, what does the past leave us, who are we with or without the past, and if poetry can occasionally fill gaps in our present, what if anything can it give us of our past? Is poetry anything at all — or is it nothing at all, and is the nothing of poetry the best memorialization? Dickel’s sensory, sensual, musical lyric roves across wet and dry landscapes, food and drink, family and friends, darkness and light, sleep and wakefulness, dreams and reality. His words hover between his homes in the Mideast and the American Midwest, conveying the fragility of present and past, enacting a memory at high risk of loss, maintaining faith against staggering odds. Nothing Remembers is a dream of peace, the peace that may come if and when persons and peoples live in a present comfortable with close and distant memory.

—Hassan Melehy, author of Kerouac: Language, Poetics, and Territory (Bloomsbury) and A Modest Apocalypse (Eyewear)

Michael Dickel combines powerful imagery and poetic beauty with a reality beneath life’s skin, that will gently shake the reader into an awareness, refreshing and engaging. He will take you through his pages to a ‘resting state’ where possibilities in your mind will feel endless. 

Silva Merjanian, author of Rumor

Between knowing and dreaming, shattered screams, pulses, shadows and longing, Michael Dickel’s arresting fourth collection, Nothing Remembers, navigates an erotics of re-membrance renegotiating a Proustian ethos of things resonant, prescient, and the ghostly revenance of hope. 

—Adeena Karasick, author of Salomé: Woman of Valor 

I know so many wildly talented writers. It is one of the great privileges in my life. Michael Dickel is one of them: he uses language like layers of color in a complex painting — you can access experiences that you otherwise wouldn’t have. I’ve just preordered his upcoming collection, Nothing Remembers, from Finishing Line Press; poetry lovers, this is worth having.

—Ina Roy-Faderman, author of 56 Days of August: an anthology of postcard poems

Order here

Books are expected to ship early September 2019.


Michael Dickel
Digital self-portrait from photograph

Michael Dickel has won international awards and his poetry has been translated into several languages. His latest poetry collection, Nothing Remembers, will be out from Finishing Line Press summer 2019. A poetry chapbook, Breakfast at the End of Capitalism, came out in 2017 (free PDF from Locofo Chaps, Illinois). His flash fiction collection, The Palm Reading after The Toad’s Garden, came out in 2016 from Is a Rose Press. Previous books include: War Surrounds Us (Is a Rose Press), Midwest / Mid-East, and The World Behind It, Chaos…. He co-edited Voices Israel Volume 36, was managing editor for arc-23 and 24, and is a past-chair of the Israel Association of Writers in English. He publishes and edits Meta/ Phor(e) /Play and is a contributing editor of The BeZine. With Israeli producer / director David Fisher, he received a U.S.A. National Endowment of the Humanities documentary-film development grant that allowed him to research and write a prospective documentary script about Yiddish Theatre.

Order Nothing Remembers!

Books are expected to ship early September 2019.

If you would like to be on a mailing list for announcements about my new collection of poems, please send your email contact information via: Meta/ Phor(e) /Play Contact Form

I will only use the contact information for announcements about this book.

Michael Dickel
Digital self-portrait-2 from photograph

Once again, if you think you would like a copy of my new collection, please pre-order a copy now. Finishing Line Press uses pre-orders to determine the print run for the book, so your pre-order helps both through purchasing your copy now and through boosting the number of copies available to sell later. You can pre-order your copy here.

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