Digital Art

Consumer demographic bands | 3 poems | Michael Dickel

I will never

Michael Dickel

I will never be in the best of
American poetry or Israeli
immigrant society. I will never
be teacher of the year or
greatest father in the world. I will
never be that amazing lover or
best friend for life of thousands. I
will never be anything
listed by one to categorize
the rest of us. I will never be—

except on occasion

to sit and drink some wine with
while discussing the world
and saving it over and over again—

                                      from people like us.

Measure me, chaotic butterfly
as i talk upon the stage
Digital art
©2017 Michael Dickel
Contains appropriated images

Fuzzy Logic

Michael Dickel

Fuzz inside my head,
like mold, clouds—and
thinking leaves me
sleepy without dreams
in the desert sun,
drying out.

Drowning in a consumer pool
drying under a capitalist desert sun
Digital art from photographs
©2017 Michael Dickel

Originally posted on FB 12 Aug 2013


Michael Dickel

Cheese, salty snacks, crackers,
milk, oral care, chocolate candy, eggs, yogurt,
fresh produce, and cookies—
for a poem.

Premium brands and ethnic explorers
on a fresh and healthy sea,
quick & easy home cooking & grilling—
call it natural living.

Consumer demographic bands of
data-driven replacements for hands
crafting the thing, the word, a thought.

Lost sheep
amid bottles and brands
Digital art
©2017 Michael Dickel
Contains appropriated images

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